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Pathway of Hope

What's your guide in the stormy moments of life?

5th - 12th December, 2020
Need a hope you can depend on in uncertain times? Join us for a week-long series looking at how current events point to our hope in Jesus. With segments for all ages, you’ll find a path that leads to faith, hope and a true sense of peace.
Watch here

Watch here

Here's the schedule for each day
  • Morning Prayer And Devotion: 7am - 8am
  • Mission And Community Spotlight: 3pm - 3:45pm
  • Kid's Corner: 5pm - 5:45pm
  • Evening Charge with John Bradshaw: 6pm - 8:15pm
  • Youth And Teens Programme: 8:15pm - 9:30pm

Appeal card

    As you've listened to the programme today, we want to encourage you to take the opportunity to respond to the gospel of Jesus. Today, I make the following decision(s) by God's grace: I'm a Christian, but I want a closer walk with JesusI'd like to receive Bible studiesI was once a Christian but I drifted away. I'd like to come back to JesusI want to begin a new life with Jesus and be baptisedI'd like to be prayed forI’d like help locating a nearby ChurchMy child would like to know more about Jesus
    We require either a phone number or email address for us to respond. Please be sure to share at least one.
    What age range do you fall into? 18 - 35 years36 years and above

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    Top to bottom in 2020
    February - Flooding and communities destroyed in UK,
    July - Mauritius oil spill
    January onwards - COVID-19 pandemic
    Post COVID-19 - Homelessness on the rise

    About the Event

    In current times, we’re facing a world of uncertainty. From a global pandemic to economic instability, now more than ever, we need a hope to sustain us.
    This year alone has taught us how our trust in the things of this world can’t keep us. Whether you’re a parent worrying about providing for your family or a young person feeling isolated, the world has limited hope to offer. 

    So, what can you do? Where do you find true hope?

    Our pathway to hope

    By sharing key truths from the Bible we’ll be showing you where true hope lies.

    Packed with a wealth of knowledge on what’s been and what’s to come, the Bible gives you an anchor to hold onto during stormy times.

    Are you trying to make sense of the world, seeking peace, or needing hope?

    If you’ve tried everything else, test and see through our series, how the Bible provides the answers to life’s important questions.

    Preaching on the principles of prophecy and hope, John Bradshaw will be showing us how current events point to the soon coming of Jesus - a hope that’s past, present and future.


    Take a look at what our online series has to offer.

    Morning Prayer and devotion

    7am - 8am
    Need a boost for the day ahead? You’ll get what you need, hearing from local people within our conference. With a focus on community, mission, and unity, we’ll be helping you to start your day the right way.

    Mission and Community spotlight

    3pm - 3:45pm
    In this section, we’ll put the spotlight on you, highlighting the great things happening in our church community. Sometimes it’s the small acts of kindness that open the door and are the biggest witness to Christianity.

    Kid's Corner

    6pm - 6:45pm
    Get creative and get inspired, with bit-sized segments for your little ones. Focusing on health and wellbeing, we’ll be sharing Christian principles that are easy for kids to digest.

    Evening charge

    7pm - 8:15pm
    John Bradshaw will be preaching on the themes of current events, prophecy and hope showing us how they point to Jesus. Tune in each evening to find your pathway of hope.

    Youth and Teens Program

    8:15pm - 9:30pm
    In current times, our youth especially need hope for the future. This segment will help you to remain hopeful as you make decisions for your life in an ever-changing world.

    Evening Service: Speaker

    Pastor John Bradshaw is the president of It Is Written. A former radio broadcaster, he became a Christian as a young adult, and served as an evangelist and church pastor before joining It Is Written in January of 2011. He has held more than 100 evangelistic series, sharing God’s word on six continents.
    John's experience makes him uniquely suited for the role of speaker/director. His broadcasting career began in his home country of New Zealand, where he worked as a disc jockey on a number of the nation’s top radio stations. He left this job in 1990—propelled by a desire to find Bible-based truth and a deeper Christian experience.
    John has filmed It Is Written programs in almost 30 countries, which along with his daily devotional, Every Word and other It Is Written programs are viewed around the world.

    John met his soon-to-be-wife, Melissa, at church, and after their wedding, he began working as a full-time public evangelist. After 12 years, the family—which now included son Jacob and daughter Shannon—decided to put down roots. In the years that followed, John served as pastor of the Lexington, Kentucky, Seventh-day Adventist Church, as well as the Village Church near Walla Walla University in Washington.

    For him, nothing matches the joy of introducing others to Christ. "Jesus offers complete transformation," he said. "There's something incredible that happens when His presence consumes a person's life. I love that It Is Written communicates this around the world on a daily basis."
    John Bradshaw,

    Supporting You

    We all need support especially during tough times and what you need matters to us.
    Whether it’s someone to talk to, answers to questions or Bible study, let us know how we can support you. Feel free to use our contact form to express your interest in Bible studies or anything else. Once you’ve submitted your details, a member of our team will be in touch.

    Let us help you to discover the true hope that can only be found in Jesus.

    Get in touch here by leaving your contact details, and one of our team will be in touch to hear your story and pray for you and your future.

      Are you interested in any of the following?
      PrayerBible studiesWellness and healthCounselling

      We require either a phone number or email address for us to respond. Please be sure to share at least one.
      What age range do you fall into? 18 - 35 years36 years and above

        We require either a phone number or email address for us to respond directly to you. Please be sure to share at least one.
        What age range do you fall into? 18 - 35 years36 years and above

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        Got a different question about the series?
        Whether it’s for you or someone else, feel free to put your questions to us. As the series progresses, we’ll do our best to answer your queries in upcoming segments. If we’re unable to, we’ll contact you directly.

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        About Us

        The online series is organised by the North England Conference (NEC) of Seventh-day Adventists.
        The NEC is a community of Christian believers who are committed to living all of the principles of the Kingdom of God. As a culturally diverse group of Christians, our first aim is to model the citizenship of the Kingdom of God. Our first duty as citizens of God’s Kingdom is to love God and all people, and in our congregations you can expect to find love, warmth, friendship and acceptance.
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