Due to technical issues, there is no children's programme today. We'll resume with the Evening Charge at 7pm.

Pathway of Hope

Pathway of Hope: Reloaded

5th - 12th December, 2020
More information coming soon.

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We hope you've been blessed by the children's spots, praise and worship, and sermons.
However, if as you've been watching you've had a question, here's your opportunity to ask. Whether you're asking on your child's behalf or for yourself, we welcome all questions and will endeavour to answer them in one of the upcoming programmes. If we're unable to, then we'll contact you directly.

    We require either a phone number or email address for us to respond directly to you. Please be sure to share at least one.
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    About the Host

    The event is hosted by the North England Conference (NEC) of Seventh-day Adventists.
    The NEC is a community of Christian believers who are committed to living all of the principles of the Kingdom of God. As a culturally diverse group of Christians, our first aim is to model the citizenship of the Kingdom of God. Our first duty as citizens of God’s Kingdom is to love God and all people, and in our congregations you can expect to find love, warmth, friendship and acceptance.
    Hosted by the North England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists